Alli DePuy

Education Consultant / Staff

Alli DePuy is a seasoned educator and curriculum designer with 23 years of experience. Her career began as an art educator in both traditional and informal settings. DePuy identified a critical need for educational programs within impact-driven organizations, leading her to co-found Inspired Classroom in 2014. Inspired Classroom builds, delivers, and facilitates exceptional educational content, connecting people through our unique delivery solutions and interactive distance learning. At IC, connecting is learning, and the world becomes the classroom. Under my leadership, Inspired Classroom collaborates with public and private sectors to develop and deploy project-based education experiences, technology, and mentorship programs.

DePuys efforts deliver engaging interactions for K-12 students and adults alike. The curriculum and programming she creates with mentors are widely recognized and supported by educators, organizations, the Office of Public Instruction, the Office of the Governor, state leaders across Montana, and the Education Alliance of Finland Certified Pedagogical Quality.