Chris Hyslop


Chris Hyslop is the Executive Director of the Montana World Affairs Council, a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering global awareness and understanding in Montana’s classrooms and communities. Chris began his professional career as a high school teacher. He then served as a United States Peace Corps Volunteer in Kyrgyzstan, a former Soviet state in Central Asia, from 1995-1997. Following his service, he worked with humanitarian organizations and the United Nations around the world in Iraq, Kuwait, Jordan, Sudan, Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Afghanistan, Indonesia, Chechnya, the Balkans, China, Liberia, and Eritrea. He received his Bachelor’s Degrees in Anthropology and Education. He attended the Harvard Kennedy School where he received a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. Chris lives in Missoula with his wife, Karie, who works at the University of Montana’s Physics Department and their two daughters, Ella age 12 and Coco, age 10.

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