GeoQuest is an interactive project designed for students in middle and high school, but all grades are welcome to participate. GeoQuest fulfills geography, social studies, and foreign language standards. It can be used to teach mapping skills, news writing, current events, cultural awareness, civic engagement, foreign language and more!

How does it work?

GeoQuest is 6 learning modules or ‘bytes’ for maximum teaching flexibility The first 5 focus on four separate countries--one ‘byte’ for each country. Each country ‘byte’ follows the same format. 

  1. Geography
  2. Economics
  3. Culture
  4. Youth
  5. Language
  6. Global Good News

The sixth learning module--GeoQuest- is different. The focus is on students learning about good news in other countries and then looking at their own communities for good news stories. GeoQuest is a process of researching and writing a news summary to be used on social media--a timely skill. Students’ social media posts are turned into the Montana World Affairs Council for their Global Good Newsfeed. Plan on spending 3 class periods on GeoQuest.

Both the GeoBytes and GeoQuest can be used together or as stand-alone projects depending on the curricular needs of the teacher. All five modules have suggestions for teaching and for extending the learning if teachers want to go deeper into the topic.

 To access all of the content you will need the following ‘Join Codes.’  For information on how to input Join Codes see the Learn How to Register Link Above.

  • GermanyByte: 6Q11S436
  • SudanByte: KHUS01ZA
  • ChinaByte: LEPW97DS
  • BrazilByte: B4PT7DNO
  • GeoQuest: FX3TONOO

How to Participate in Montana World Affairs Council GeoQuest

GeoQuest FAQs

Q. My schedule is varied this year. Some of my students are in-person and others are remote—does this matter?

A. GeoQuest is designed for flexibility. You can start and stop this project at any point in the school year with as many students or groups of students as you need to. Since the information students need to complete their project is online, you can use this with face-to-face instruction, remote learners or a hybrid model. Instructionally, GeoQuest can be used as a whole class project, group work or an independent study project. Also, all of the resources for you AND your students are contained on the virtual platform.

Q. What does it cost to participate?

A. Nothing! Montana World Affairs Council programs are FREE to Montana schools. Thank you to all of our generous sponsors that makes this possible. 

Q. What is the age range?

A. GeoQuest is designed for middle and high school students. However, feel free to use and scaffold this program to fit your classroom needs. We have had students as young as 2nd grade participate in the program!

Q. What are the learning outcomes of GeoQuest and does it fit into the standards?

A. GeoQuest is designed to fit state and national standards. The idea is to help YOU hit multiple standards in multiple content areas! Students participating in GeoQuest will:

  1. Learn map reading and navigation skills using Google Earth
  2. Investigate other countries’ history, culture, language and current events. After researching students are challenged to make connections to their Montana communities.
  3. Explore civic engagement while learning about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Q. Can we meet country experts?

A. Yes! Virtual visits will be scheduled with experts from each of the four countries. Your class can join the live discussion even if you haven’t started GeoQuest and the conversations will be recorded for later use too. For questions or additional information, please contact Nikki Geiszler at:

GeoQuest Sponsors

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