International Trade Trailblazers

EconoQuest: International Trade Trailblazers is the Montana World Affairs Council's newest globally focused program for middle school students. The program introduces students to a country or region of focus (COF). Students explore the COF's geography, culture, and basic economics. They then identify local and state resources to develop a product to trade internationally with the COF. Once their product is defined, the students become part of their corporation's board of directors and will decide how to export their product. The program is designed to meet state and national social studies standards for grades 6-8.

100% Free with Teacher Support

EconoQuest: International Trade Trailblazers is housed on a platform that provides an easy step-by-step implementation of the program in the classroom. All materials for teachers and students are accessible and contain curated, high-quality resources, learning tools, and additional program support. Like all of our programs, we work hard to make this 100% free to our Montana schools.

Access the Program

"Academic World Quest has expanded the knowledge of the students in Hamilton High school. It is a unique experience that is approachable and affordable for all schools. I am in awe that my students in a small rural community have access to the caliber of speakers and opportunities that are offered by the World Affairs Council. I can' t express enough gratitude toward MWAC for the advantages that has provided to my students that will better prepare them for a increasingly globalized society."

Kiah Nisly, Teacher from Hamilton High School

"Bringing my students to Academic WorldQuest is something that is non-negotiable. Making the future of Montana aware of our global world is necessary, and in rural Montana even more so. My students have limited resources in our small community to explore worlds outside of Montana and the United States. Being exposed to this competition and the activities associated with it expands minds and horizons."

Jennifer Graham, Teacher from Granite High School

"This is such an awesome event for students, especially for students from small schools. I am still in shock that my students just talked with students from Congo. My students worked so hard on studying, making their worlds bigger. Thank you so much for such a great experience. It also inspires me to add more current world affairs into my daily teaching."

Christina Cote, Gardiner High School

"Being a Title 1 school, we find this competition an invaluable experience for our students to learn more about the world around them. With our population being 100 percent Native Americans, it was also comforting for our students to see others like themselves represented in the competition. Meeting with students from Honduras was also a highlight for our students."

Paul Condon, Teacher from Hays Lodgepole High School