Council in the Classroom (CITC) is the Montana World Affairs Council’s first distance learning initiative. Through videoconferencing, we have overcome the geographical and financial challenges faced by many schools and are now able to connect distinguished speakers, ambassadors, and international experts with classrooms across the Big Sky. With our partners at Inspired Classroom, we’ve reached students at nearly 40 schools mostly in rural and reservation communitites including Hays Lodge-Pole, Stanford, Hot Springs, and Ravalli.

For many students, this program is the first time they’ve been given the opportunity to ask an expert about the topics that fascinate them, or themes that they want to understand more deeply. In this way CITC doesn’t just educate. It actively engages our students, promotes critical thinking about global issues and helps shape the world leaders of tomorrow.

For more information, please email Nikki Geiszler or contact her at 406-529-3565.

“A comment that was made by the Imam really sparked a lot of discussion in my class and it was his reference to the idea that we can live in a world where we aren’t killing each other over our beliefs. This presentation gave my students plenty of thought-provoking ideas to consider. Living in a rural area like Seeley Lake, we need these experiences for our students.

=Participation in a live Council in the Classroom event is a unique and practical supplement to any social studies curriculum. We understand that not all classes in the state can arrange their class times to view our live webinar. So that scheduling conflicts don’t inhibit students’ access to these events, each past CITC is available HERE broken down by topic and supplemented with additional reading and resources for interested teachers.

Past Council in the Classroom programs include:

“Understanding Korea: Past, Present, and Future”, Dr. James Person – Director of the Foundation Center for Korean History and Public Policy

“Language and Its Relation With Culture”, Dr. Reza Samar – Professor of Linguistics at the University of Montana

“The Humanitarian Crisis in Europe: A Two Part Series”, Dr. Udo Fluck – Leader in Multicultural & Diversity Education

“A Life Abroad: Living and Studying in a Foreign Country”, Representatives from China, Brazil, and the MT Blackfeet Reservation