Central & Southwest Asia Conference Schedule

October 3rd, 2023

20th International Conference On 

Central and Southwest Asia

Diplomacy, Political Conflict, Energy Crisis

Artificial Intelligence

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Panel I: 11:30 AM – 12:20 PM

Montana Army National Guard in Central Asia

Major Chris Cory, Captain James Infanger, Command Sergeant Major William Frank

Panel II: 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM

U. S., China, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran: A New World Order in the Middle East

Presenters: Michael Mayer, Professor Emeritus, UM Department of History, Mehrdad Kia, Co-Director, Central & Southwest Asian Studies Center, Professor, UM Department of History, & Robert Seidenschwarz, Visiting Scholar, Central & Southwest Asian Studies Center

Panel III: 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Why I Learn Artificial Intelligence And How You Can Too

Presenter: Jackson Smith

CTO, Co-Founder, Learning Economy

Moderator: Robert Seidenschwarz

Keynote Presentation

7:00 – 8:15 PM

Charting A New Course: Israel’s Engagement in the Middle East and Beyond 

Presenter: Marco Sermoneta, Counsel General of Israel in San Francisco

Discussant: Scott Osterman, Montana Director of Commerce 

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Keynote Presentation, 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Chronicles in Energy & Geopolitics: The Past, Present, and Future Possibilities

Presenter: Jennifer Warren

Principal & Founder of Concept Elemental

Moderator and Discussant: Robert Seidenschwarz

12:30 – 2:00 PM

Panel I: Central Asia: Myth & Reality 

Presenter: Ardi Kia, Co-Director, Central & Southwest Asian Studies Center, Professor, Central & Southwest Asian Studies/UM Department of Anthropology

2:30 – 4:00 PM

Panel II: Banlieues, Police, Violence & Muslim Immigration in Contemporary France

Presenters: Mladen Kozul, UM Professor of French/Researcher in 18th Century Studies, Michel Valentin, UM Professor of French Culture & Civilization (retired) 

Keynote Presentation

6:00 – 7:30 PM

Montana, International Conflicts & Energy Crisis

Presenter: Brian Schweitzer, Former Governor of Montana 

Discussant: Jennifer Warren

All Events Will Be Held at the University Center Theater on the Third Floor of the University Center Building on the University of Montana Campus


Sponsored by Central and Southwest Asian Studies Center at the University of Montana


Montana World Affairs Council