Kit Heffner

PRESIDENT / Governing Board

Kit Heffner, a Bozeman resident, currently serves as a Board Director for several multi-national companies while also actively supporting Montana’s small business start-up community. He spent the majority of his career working in Southeast Asia and Africa, first managing companies for Chevron and then building start-up companies in frontier markets such as Myanmar and Cambodia. Kit received his Bachelor’s degree from Wharton at the University of Pennsylvania and has an MBA from Kellogg at Northwestern University. He has lectured at Harvard Business School on Globalization and Emerging Markets.

Kit believes that engaging with the outside world is vital to our long term success both here in Montana as well as for the United States as a whole. He enthusiastically supports the Montana World Affairs Council’s efforts to help Montana students start engaging early with the world, as well as MWAC’s programs to bring exciting international speakers and topics to Montana’s communities.