Chuck Leonard

PRESIDENT / Governing Board

Dr. Leonard is a retired neuroscientist and past Director of The Neural Injury Center and the Motor Control Research Laboratories at The University of Montana. Dr. Leonard received his Bachelor’s degree from The University of Delaware, a Master’s degree from Duke University in Physical Therapy, a Doctoral degree in Neuroscience from The Medical College of Pennsylvania, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at The Nobel Institute of Neurophysiology in Stockholm, Sweden. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Leonard founded and was CEO of Tri-County Rehabilitation Centers — out-patient physical rehabilitation centers located in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. He sold this business in 1986. Dr. Leonard began working at The University of Montana in 1990.

He has developed and patented several medical devices including a robotic device with tele-rehabilitation capabilities and a computerized electronic device that quantifies muscle properties. This device continues to be used by NASA to measure the effects of long-term weightlessness. Dr. Leonard founded a University spinoff medical device company, Neurogenic Technologies Inc., in 2001. His personal and professional life has been enriched by extensive international travel. He is a strong believer that student international awareness and travel are key to developing an informed citizenry with a better understanding and empathy of global issues. The Montana World Affairs Council is the perfect vehicle to put these ideals into practice.