The Montana World Affairs Council is a non-partisan, non-profit organization dedicated to fostering global understanding and awareness in Montana’s communities and classrooms.

Our Story

The Montana Council was founded in 2000, by Ambassador Mark Johnson (ret.), a fourth generation Montanan, with one simple goal: to provide his fellow Montanans with opportunities to better understand the world around them. He wanted to relay that the world was not some far off place with little relevance to Montanans, and that each individual, regardless of where they live, can make an impact and affect change not only locally but on a global stage.

In our 17 years, the Council has hosted or co-sponsored over 300 community and school programs across the state. Our education programs have grown outward from Missoula, reaching schools in over thirty counties and five reservations. We have hosted 31 Council in the Classroom interactive video-conferencing programs, which have connected over 2500 students from 38 different schools to international experts on a variety of topics.

From Wolf Point to Stanford, Missoula to Columbia Falls, our programs are providing opportunities to think critically and to engage in conversations about international affairs and responsible global citizenship.

“When people come together peacefully, eventually so will nations” – President Eisenhower