21 st Annual Central & Southwest Asia Conference at the University

of Montana 

Tuesday April 16, 2024 

12:30 pm–1:50 pm 

Afghanistan, Chechnya & Egypt

Presenters: Hudson Pullen, Aaron Edens, Jack Gannon, Tyler Worm,  

Chair-Moderator: Professor Ardi Kia, University of Montana 

2:00 pm–3:20 pm 

In the Shadow of A War: Israel, Iran, Hamas, the United States & Russia 

Presenters: Professor Michael Mayer, University of Montana 

Robert Seidenschwarz, Montana World Affairs Council 

Professor Mehrdad Kia, University of Montana 

3:30 pm–4:45 pm 

Globalization’s New Twist: An Energy Revolution and a Pandemic Reset the


Presenter: Jennifer Warren, Founder of Concept Elemental 

Chair-Moderator: Robert Seidenschwarz, Montana World Affairs Council 

 7:00 pm–8:30 pm 

India-U.S. Relations: India’s First Consulate in Pacific Northwest-

Leveraging Diplomatic Ties and Technologies for Global Prosperity 

 Presenter: India’s Consul General Prakash Gupta  

Location (All Events): University Center (UC) Theater, Third Floor

of the University Center Building, The University of Montana 

Sponsored by: Central & Southwest Asian Studies Center at the

University of Montana 

Montana World Affairs Council