John Dau & “Duk County: Peace is in Sight in the New South Sudan”

Wednesday and Thursday, October 8th & 9thjohndau

October 8th

Cocktail Reception with John Dau

5:30pm – Missoula Children’s Theater
$20 – Council members & students
$25 – Non-members
Hour d’ oeuvre will be served (cash bar)
Space is limited
RSVP – 406-728-3328 or

Documentary Film Screening : “Duk County: Peace is in Sight in the New South Sudan”

7:00pm – Missoula Children’s Theater
Q&A w/ John Dau to follow screening
Free and open to the public

This documentary highlights the moving story about a bold, five-day mission to deliver eye care in a remote and war torn region of South Sudan — the world’s newest country. It chronicles the miraculous work of Dr. Geoff Tabin and Dr. Alan Crandall; two eye surgeons committed to eradicating preventable blindness in Africa, and John Dau, one of the original “Lost Boys of Sudan” and a visionary for peace in South Sudan’s precarious new independence.
This program is free and open to the public.

October 9th

Distinguished Speakers Program – “Hope is NOT Lost” featuring John Dau

7:30pm – DoubleTree Hotel
Open to the public
Free for Council members & Students
$5 for non-members

Most of us have heard about the “Lost Boys of Sudan” and have been moved by their incredible story, but few have heard it from one of the survivors. Join the Council for this unique opportunity as John Dau, one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, tells his life story, and how he turned an impossible journey into a mission for peace. John will share how he survived the genocide of his people, led hundreds of young boys across Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya, and how he’s turned this harrowing experience into an opportunity to help foster peace in his country. We’ll get to hear firsthand about his adjustment into American culture upon arriving in the States in 2001, his tribal culture colliding with life in America, and his establishment of four NGOs and the remarkable work they are doing to bring peace to the new South Sudan.

This is John’s first trip to Montana, and we are honored to be hosting him. We hope that you will join what is sure to be an extraordinary event!

About John Dau

John Dau has experienced challenges in his life that most people never even imagine. Born in war-torn Sudan, Dau is one of 27,000 “Lost Boys of Sudan,” driven from their villages when the northern Arab government attacked the ethnic minority population of South Sudan in 1987. For the next five years, John Dau led groups of displaced boys across Sudan for hundreds of miles facing starvation, disease, and violence.

While living in a Kenyan refugee camp from 1992-2001, John Dau attended school for the first time at the age of 17 and earned a prestigious Kenyan Certificate for Secondary Education. In 2001, Dau was selected to immigrate to the United States and settled in Syracuse, New York. Following his initial culture shock, John Dau took on two, sometime three jobs, and earned an associate’s degree and Bachelor degree at Syracuse University.

Currently, John Dau is the President of both the John Dau Foundation (JDF) and the South Sudan Institute (SSI), where he is an influential part of many efforts to bring hope and peace to the people of South Sudan. After founding four nonprofits, and with help from volunteer from across American, John has raised over $3 million to build and run the Duk Lost Boys Clinic in his home village of Duk Payuel. John Dau now speaks professionally throughout the United States, Canada and Europe. In 2006, John Dau was featured in the award-winning documentary film, “God Grew Tired of Us”, and wrote his first book “God Grew Tired of Us: a Memoir,” which was published by National Geographic in 2007.

As a human rights activist for the people of South Sudan, John has lived a remarkable life of cultural adaptation in America, where has received many prestigious awards, including the National Geographic Emerging Explorers Award. John was a Volvo for Life finalist in the Quality of Life category, which carried a financial contribution from Volvo to the John Dau Foundation. Alongside Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila, John was named a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader for 2008 and together with Former Secretary of State, Gen. Collin Power, he received a Most Caring Award from the Caring Institute, plus 40 other awards.

John Dau’s life provides the ultimate example of a profile in courage. He is a natural leader who exemplifies true resilience and perseverance under the most horrific of circumstances. Today, John Dau is a compelling motivational speaker whose life is defined by his uncompromised commitment to having a lasting impact on the future of his native country. “I think people refuse to try things because they fear failure,” he observes. “There have been many impossible situations in my life, but I keep trying. My family in Sudan thought I was dead and I feared they were dead, but 20 years later we were reunited. You can’t give up.”

To learn more about John Dau or the John Dau Foundation, please visit

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