Distinguished Speaker Program Presents:

The Iran Hostage Crisis: 40 Years Later What Really Happened

Featured Speaker – Ambassador Mark Johnson (ret.)

In Partnership with the University of Montana’s MOLLI Program

Monday, November 4th
University of Montana Ballroom
3:00 PM
RSVP REQUIRED:  info@montanaworldaffairs.org or 406.728.3328

On November 4th, 1979 a group of militant Iranian University students overran the US Embassy in Tehran, seizing 66 American diplomats and citizens as hostages. Mark Johnson, a state department diplomat, was called at 3 AM that night with the news, which became the start of the Iran Hostage Crisis. 444 days later– a period during which he served in the State Department’s Crisis Center– he participated in a conference call with President Jimmy Carter and other officials when the hostages were finally freed. Join us for a community discussion as Ambassador Johnson shares first-hand details not previously revealed.

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