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Council in the Classroom (CITC) is the Montana World Affairs Council’s first distance learning initiative. Through videoconferencing, we have overcome the geographical and financial challenges faced by many schools and are now able to connect distinguished speakers, ambassadors, and international experts with classrooms across the Big Sky. With our partners at Inspired Classroom, we’ve reached students at nearly 40 schools mostly in rural and reservation communitites including Hays Lodge-Pole, Stanford, Hot Springs, and Ravalli.

For many students, this program is the first time they’ve been given the opportunity to ask an expert about the topics that fascinate them, or themes that they want to understand more deeply. In this way CITC doesn’t just educate. It actively engages our students, promotes critical thinking about global issues and helps shape the world leaders of tomorrow.

About our guest:

Mike Cooney became Montana’s 32nd Lieutenant Governor in January 2016 when appointed by Governor Steve Bullock.  Mike is a long time public servant and elected official, having served in both houses of the Montana legislative branch and three terms as Secretary of State prior to being selected as Lieutenant Governor.

A committed public leader for Montana, Lieutenant Governor Mike Cooney is Governor Bullock’s trusted partner as they work to advance the administration’s agenda of better jobs, better education and a more effective government.

Over the course of his career, Mike has a proven track record of helping Montana’s small businesses grow and succeed while finding ways to increase wages.  He is a strong champion of Montana’s public education system and continually seeks  innovative ways to support educators and increase funding.