Wednesday, May 13th, 09:30-10:00

Rania Dagash-Kamara: “Why UN Peace Operations?

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The United Nations Department of Peacekeeping Operations is responsible for the global deployment and maintenance of UN “Bluehelmet” peacekeepers.  There are currently 13 peace operations with over 90,000 uniformed personnel operating in some of the most difficult situations around the world.  Ms. Dagash-Kamara will elaborate on why Peace Operations remain crucial in the current international context.

Ms. Rania Dagash-Kamara is the Chief of Policy and Best Practices in the Department of Peace Operations in New York, where she supports knowledge sharing and guidance development across UN peace missions.She has mostly worked in conflict and post-conflict settings in humanitarian emergencies and peace missions in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Her work included supporting communities and governments during conflict, natural disasters and political transitions. Currently, Rania is involved in several exercises that look into the future of peacekeeping operations, and remains a practical optimist. Rania Dagash-Kamara is Sudanese, a daughter, sister, wife and mother.