Hiroko Miyamura, United Nations Electoral Assistance Division

“United Nations Electoral Assistance”

Tuesday, October 27th, 9:00-9:30 am Mountain Time



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Hiroko Miyamura will discuss why the UN has been involved in electoral assistance, noting that its impartiality is its strongest comparative advantage as an electoral assistance provider.  Electoral assistance is a key component of how the UN supports peace agreements and processes.

Born in Japan, and educated in Japan, the UK, US and South Africa, Hiroko joined the UN in the early 1990s, getting her first electoral assistance experience in Cambodia, where the UN organized Cambodia’s first post conflict elections in 1993, in accordance with the 1991 Paris Peace Agreement which marked the official end of Cambodia’s civil war.  She has been involved in post-conflict elections in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Sudan/South Sudan which all formed part of a peace process.  She has also served with the UN in New York, Bosnia and Herzegovina, East Timor and Somalia.