Tuesday, April 14th, 09:30-10:00 am, Mountain Time

Dr Jennifer Westrup: Doctor, Oncologist and Mother in Pandemic

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Ireland has been heavily impacted by COVID 19.  Courageous health care workers are risking their lives to help their patients.  They are at the forefront of the battle to “flatten the curve.”  Dr. Westrup is an American who has been practicing medicine in Ireland for over 10 years.  Her patients require consistent direct care and are among the most vulnerable populations regarding corona virus.  Jennifer is also a mother of two kids.  She must balance her time, health and safety between her profession and her family.  How is the balance struck and what can it tell us about how we view public health in a time of crisis?

Dr. Jennifer Westrup is the Director of Oncology, and a Consultant Medical Oncologist at Beacon Hospital. She is appointed Associate Clinical Professor at University College Dublin (UCD) and sits on the steering committee of the innovative UCD Beacon Academy. Dr. Westrup is the former Medical Director at Beacon Hospital.