Council in the Classroom Letter

The following is a response from a student participant of our recent Council in the Classroom program with Dr. Steve Running.  The program connected students from Poplar, Eureka, Willow Creek, and Froid with Dr. Running, as he addressed the causes of global climate change, and discussed different strategies for addressing this important issue.

Professor Running,

My name is Daniel, I attend Poplar High School. During your seminar titled “Solving Global Warming Requires International Cooperation” I was more than intrigued with the supporting evidence, proof, rhetoric, logic and reason you presented to us. First I’d like to thank you for holding such an event aimed towards the ‘up and coming’ generation of young adults in high school, let alone it being free admittance. I’m e-mailing you because id like to pick your brain, hold conversation and maybe gain advice from someone with your magnitude for success. As I grow older I find myself more and more drawn towards the idea of a “perfect” civilization, much like you once said…

“We’ve got to get past all the petty bickering and get to work. This is about a big transition for society over the next 50 years. The path we are on is unsustainable.”

I completely agree with you in that statement. Briefly watching, listening and reading about how corporations (like ”Big Oil” for example) use propaganda and positive commercials to strengthen their hold on society and gain profit, I believe is a great way to turn one’s perspective upside-down, for the right reasons of course. I did my best to hide the enthusiasm within myself when you mentioned that it is time that the new generation inherit and fix the problems yours inflicted on our planet, society, and other species.

I look forward to your response and hope we can stay in contact through the years as I’m showing more interest in making as much of a difference as I can with my time alive.

P.S.- I’m thinking about taking a career in a form of politics, and these sorts of problems would be something I’d like to “get out there”.

-Daniel D.