A Corporate Sponsorship with the Montana World Affairs Council is a philanthropic partnership; a relationship that offers mutual benefits.  A Corporate Sponsorship helps to support the mission,  the vision, and the goals of the Montana World Affairs Council while providing significant exposure and public recognition for your company while helping you to reach your target audience.

A Corporate Sponsorship means extensive support of global education for Montana youth and it connects your business or company with an important network statewide and region-wide.  A Corporate Sponsorship provides a unique platform for your message and your mission and it gives you access to a unique audience with significant market reach.   

Corporate Sponsorships are an investment for your company, your employees, your community, and your fellow Montanans.  Your support truly makes a difference to the many who are touched by your support and has an impact that we strive to make mutually beneficial.

For further information on corporate sponsorships, business partnerships, and the many benefits, as well as how we can work together to help you achieve your goals through a relationship with the Montana World Affairs Council, please contact Executive Director Chris Hyslop at chyslop@montanaworldaffairs.org or 406.241.2271.