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Council in the Classroom is an exciting and innovative new method of advancing global education in Montana’s classrooms. Through a partnership with Inspired Classroom, and funding from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, the Council is utilizing video-conferencing technology to bring our Council in the Classroom program directly to Montana high school students. By applying this new medium, we have overcome the geographical and financial challenges faced by many schools, and are now able to connect distinguished speakers, ambassadors, and international experts with classrooms throughout the Big Sky.

Following the conference, these discussions are produced into videos and are available online as teaching resources. Type a topic into our search bar or look below for some of the past Council in the Classroom sessions, including discussion questions and additional teaching resources.

Upcoming Council in the Classroom Programs:

October 2016: Dr. Sinan Ciddi “Turkey and the Syrian Refugee Crisis”

November 2016: Corrina Grace “Unleashing Youth Leadership for a Sustainable Future”

December 2016: Ambassador John Limbert “Remembering the Iran Hostage Crisis”

Past Council in the Classroom Teacher’s Guides:

Best of Enemies: US- Cuba relations, 1900-2015 -Teacher Resource Page

With former Cuban Ambassador, Vicki Huddleston 2:00- Announcement of normalization of US-Cuba trade relations… 3:00- The story of Elian Gonzalez, and previous attempts at normalization…  6:20- Castro’s propaganda campaign to get Elian back… 9:25- Student questions…  13:00- Conflicts with Cuba/Cuban missile crisis… 17:20- The Bay of Pigs…  19:15-  Classroom discussion about the decision not to […]

Immigration, Cultural Exchange, and Arab-American Relations: Where do we go from here? -Teacher Resource Page

With Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf 0:00 Introduction of classes… 4:58 Introduction by Imam Rauf about his first tastes of America… 7:00 America as an immigrant society… 9:00 Immigration to the United States and cultural exchange… 10:30 Immigrants and how they improve relations with the countries they come from… 11:00 Classroom discussion about immigration… 11:50 Brief history, […]

AMES Panel: Global Population and the Challenges Ahead- Teacher Resource Guide

With Dr. Bradley Layton, Arnold Sherman, and Robert Seidenschwartz. 0:00- introduction of Dr. Layton… 2:30- introduction of Arnie Sherman… 4:30… overview of discussion… 7:00- Arnie on global megacities, and population growth… 10:00- Arnie on pollution and air quality in China… 12:00- Discussion about Montana coal exports to China… 13:45- effects of urban migration… 16:00- why […]

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