7/22/2015 Eilon Adar Council on the Radio

The Council on the Radio team is joined by Eilon Adar. Dr Adar is a highly regarded expert in arid zones hydrology and Middle East water issues, and currently heads the Zuckerberg Institute for Water Research at the Jacob Blaustein Institutes for Desert Research at Ben Gurion University of the Negev. He discusses with us water use and misuse in the Middle East and California, including what the United States can learn from Israel.

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6/10/2015 Job Henning Council on the Radio

Job HenningJob Henning visits us for a Council on the Radio program. Mr. Henning is a lawyer, strategist, and a technology entrepreneur, partner at Grid Energy, CEO of LinkPad, and a co-founder of OpenRevolution. He was also a senior fellow at the Center for the Study of the Presidency, and co-director of the congressionally chartered commission, the project on National Security Reform where he looked into economic development and climate change. Mr. Henning discusses energy usage and the evolution of the energy market.



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Montana World Affairs Council to Award in Student Energy Competition

The Montana World Affairs Council is excited to announce the winners of our Energy Leaders for Tomorrow essay and picture contest.  Montana students in grades K-12 were invited to submit an essay or picture describing energy and its role in their life.

The Montana World Affairs Council hosted an Energy Scholarship Contest in conjunction with the Mansfield Center’s 2015 conference, the Asia Montana Energy Summit (AMES), to involve Montana statewide K-12 students in the Energy discussion.

The Council and AMES are excited to help build awareness in classrooms around the state to help Montana students develop a deeper understanding of the complex issues surrounding energy and its sources. Energy resources are an integral component of the Montana economy and along with the prevalence of resources; there is contention as to proper use and development.

Grades K-5 were asked to create a depiction of what energy resources in Montana means to them. The winners in are: 1st place Nathan Hoffman in 5th grade from Glendive, 2nd place Matt Yakawich in 4th grade from Missoula, and 3rd place Lucy Haggerty in 2nd grade from Bozeman.

Grades 6-12 were asked what the most important energy sector is in Montana’s economic future and why. The winners in are 1st place Ben Yakawich in 10th grade from Missoula, 2nd place Justin Martinell in 8th grade from Lima, and 3rd place Emilie Schroder in 12th grade from Lima.

All of the winners will be recognized at a reception with Lieutenant Governor Angela McLean on Wednesday, 29 April at SpectrUM as part of the Asia Montana Energy Summit. Participants in the competition will attend the reception and be recognized as well.

The Reception is co-sponsored by The Mansfield Center and the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Helena Branch.

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